Community Listening & Sharing Engagements Overview

Hennepin Healthcare is assessing its diversity procurement processes in an effort to increase its business inclusion efforts and develop a Supplier Diversity Program. In doing this, Hennepin Healthcare seeks to meaningfully engage the business community and build community relationships.

What is the Purpose of the Engagements?

Hennepin Healthcare will host several Community Listening & Sharing Engagements in collaboration with Strong & Starlike Consulting, Inc. between March and April 2023.  Each engagement is intended to: 1) Provide participants an opportunity to learn about Hennepin Healthcare opportunities; 2) Provide business owners an opportunity to share openly and provide feedback while the program is being built; 3) Ensure participants feel heard and valued ($50 stipends will be provided), and 4) Clearly communicate ways participant input will be used and how they will be kept informed on changes made by Hennepin Healthcare.

We Value Your Time

Business owners will receive a one time stipend of $50 for attending and staying the full 1-hour for the Community Listening & Sharing Engagement. 

For more information regarding the engagements, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.